But I think it is time to start moving away from the American standard of every meal revolving around meat. The animals most commonly marketed as free-range are pigs and chickens. These animals are supposed to be treated fairly throughout their lifetime, and this humane meat is usually more expensive than regular meat. See the section on price and availability below. At Safeway, it’s more like 2x. Finest Tasting Meat. However, it’s probably the only direct, effective way of ending inhumane products from being manufactured. I’ve certainly starting thinking about this more since you started talking about it a couple of weeks ago. Since starting the paleo diet I’ve been adjusting and scrutinizing my food much more so then ever before. While pregnant, sows are confined to “gestation crates,” where they don’t have enough room to turn around and can do little more than eat and lie down. In order to qualify for a humanely-raised label on their meat, food producers are only asked to submit a few details to the USDA, who do not visit the farm in question to check if they are true. You may unsubscribe at any time. This is why big chain stores can offer such large quantities of meat at such a low price. Numerous cuts are for sale on their website and available for shipment nationwide, including bison ribs, charcuterie, and dried snacks, as well as steaks and roasts. Bison meat found in the grocery store is not necessarily grass-fed. Please make the connection and go vegan now. They’re also healthier to eat. Please let me know. Waiter:  Well, I think we get our chicken from around here. You:  I’m so sorry. The key words again are “pastured” and “pasture-raised.” “Free range” and “grass fed” aren’t good enough. Best way to find one is at your local farmers’ market – ask around. Anyone know anything about this organization? Here are some independent meat suppliers that ship nationally and make humane animal care a priority: This impressive Georgia farm sells a wide range of meats through its online store. I agree, the thing you gotta do is accept that food is WAY to cheap. When shoppers browse meat at the grocery store they are confronted with all kinds of brands and labels, making it hard to tell whether the meat they buy comes from animals that were raised humanely. Others, like “naturally-raised” or “locally-raised,” are downright misleading. I am very concerned on how humanely my food was treated. The more demand the more supply so buy pasture raised meat so they will change to that more the price is worth it for the well being of animals God didn’t design farming the be this cruel, […] http://www.miketuritzin.com/writing/a-guide-to-buying-humanely-produced-meat-eggs-and-dairy-products… […], Research – Statistics On Factory Farming | Bethan Lewis. Not all steaks and eggs are created equal. The food-animal industry in the United States is a mess. This is in contrast to how most bison are raised in America – partially on grain and in feedlots. Only recently I found out that the 5-step guideline had nothing in it for animal slaughter. Look for beef that is “100% grass fed” or “grass finished” instead. This online shop sells beef from Mike Callicrate’s ranch near Colorado Springs. And nothing organic. I eat seafood, and know it’s just as bad, taking them out of water seems like putting us under water. Thank you. Obviously, it’s an extreme measure, and I’m worried that such a movement would ultimately ban inhumane products, furthering the cost of any animal product, and making them completely out of reach to the general public, who rely on these products more than people who are health-conscious. I’ve heard about “factory farms” but I’ve never had anyone come in here asking about the meat…, [Note: A nightmare scenario – but an educational opportunity!]. Unfortunately, most ruminants did not evolve to eat a grain-only diet, which causes digestive issues that need to be treated with antibiotics. Sustainable Agriculture. A warning: The humane stuff isn’t cheap. You can bet that factory farms, which compete mostly on price, aren’t doing any more than their labels legally require them. If you can’t find meat marked as Certified Humane/Certified Animal Welfare Approved, then the far more widespread USDA Certified Organic mark is your next best bet. 1. See full disclosure. You have to relearn and rethink shopping and cooking. I don’t think we need to banish meat, but many more meals we all eat regularly could be all plant-based. I have personally come to the conclusion for myself that no extreme is wise, whether it be a “no meat” diet, “no carb” diet, all “this,” or all “that.” The majority of a person’s diet should be fruit and plant-based.

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