Black tea. Popular Green tea varieties include; Jasmine green tea and Sencha tea, along with our famously eclectic selection of flavoured Green teas! Our decaffeinated teas are absolutely brilliant if you want to enjoy a delicious cup of your favourite tea but without the caffeine*. This is a fantastically well-rounded cup of tea, bold, brisk and full of flavour; and now it has been decaffeinated. The points you earn can only be used for online purchases through your account. Both the lid and the jar are recyclable, and we currently have a project underway to review what alternative materials we could use to make this product even more sustainable. Member may only use the points they earn for online purchases through their account. However, because it’s typically brewed for less time at lower temperatures than black tea, less caffeine tends to be released. A perfect decaffeinated blend of full-bodied, smooth and fruity notes of Brazilian, Columbian and Ethiopian Sidamo beans. Ethyl acetate is an organic compound that is found in tea, coffee, and fruit, and provides for a safe and effective decaffeination method. It is a crystalline compound that is a mild stimulant of the central nervous system. Bursting with the mouth-watering flavour of blackcurrants and blueberries, this infusion will take you back to your childhood. Please enable JavaScript by following the instructions at A well-rounded cup that won't keep you up at night, A feel-good summer blend. No, tea alone does not contain any calories. For example, a cup of black tea has about a quarter the caffeine of a cup of coffee, on average. Black tea is typically steeped for 5 minutes, Green tea is typically steeped for 2 minutes and White tea 1 minute. International Shipping options also available. Green tea, like the other teas, contains naturally occurring caffeine. We take great pride in our role as a corporate leader by supporting these important community efforts. Caffeine occurs naturally in tea and coffee. There are two ways to track your order: you can log into your account to view your recent order history or you can click the  "Track Order" link at the top of the website page. We are also transitioning all of our traditional tea bags to a new type of paper that is completely plant-based and fully biodegradable when industrially composted. The perfect blend of natural spearmint and peppermint for a refreshing, uplifting taste. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can change your mind at any time by contacting us or using the unsubscribe option on emails we send you. Hearty, strong and full-bodied but with less caffeine. Herbal and fruit ‘teas’, or infusions, do not contain leaves or buds from the Camellia Sinensis plant, so they are naturally caffeine free (and delicious!). To manage your cookie settings click manage your cookie preferences or visit our Cookie Policy page. You can change your mind at any time by contacting us or using the unsubscribe option on emails we send you. Do Twinings Member Rewards points expire? Look up at the sky and see a kite dancing over houses and the trees in the cooling, gentle breeze. This aromatic blend starts with the teas carefully selected from distinct regions, each with their own unique characteristics. Do I have to create an account to make a purchase? The truth is, it’s not a simple yes or no answer, as there are so many teas and infusions available! Twinings teas are decaffeinated using the ethyl acetate method, which is one of the most popular ways to decaffeinate coffee and tea. We at Twinings are committed to working towards a solution to remove the cellophane from all of our packaging, however, due to the supply chain complexities involved, the solution is not immediate. After the tea leaves are moistened with water or steam, the process selectively absorbs caffeine and removes it from the tea. Can I combine codes from points and codes from other promotions? There are six main types of tea, (‘tea’ refers only to those produced using leaves and buds from the Camellia Sinensis plant), all of which contain naturally occurring caffeine. Premium Loose Flavoured Tea and Infusions, Top Tips to Help You Get to Sleep More Easily, Discover Irresistible Infusions for the Flavour Curious, How to Get More Energy in the Mornings Naturally, Alternatives to Water for Staying Hydrated, English Breakfast Decaffeinated - 50 Tea Bags, Pure Green Decaffeinated - 20 Single Tea Bags, English Breakfast Decaffeinated - 20 Envelopes, All Day Decaf - 15 Pyramid Bags (Individually Wrapped), English Breakfast Decaffeinated - Single Envelope, All Day Decaf Tea Loose Leaf Pyramid - Single Envelope, Strawberry & Raspberry - 20 Single Tea Bags, Blackcurrant & Blueberry - 20 Single Tea Bags, Social Media Competitions Terms & Conditions. Black tea is one of the six main types of tea. It is a crystalline compound that is a mild stimulant of the central nervous system. The best camomile evokes the essence of a summer meadow: floral, uplifting and with a breezy scent that calms the spirit. Popular varieties of Black tea include; English Breakfast tea, Chai tea, Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong and Darjeeling (you can explore our range here). Our famous lemon and bergamot flavoured Earl Grey but with less caffeine. Although it has less caffeine than Earl Grey tea, it is still a black tea which may contain between 25-110mg per serving. Yes, Twinings is proud to support Save the Children and its work to develop sustainable projects that support tea-growing communities in China. Well, it is estimated that Lady Grey tea has been 14 and 29mg of caffeine when brewed for between 1 and 5 minutes. Twinings Member Rewards™ is a customer loyalty program that rewards members for ordering Twinings tea, gifts or accessories online at You can check your balance by either going to your account page or by clicking on the red "Rewards" button on the bottom left of the homepage. Can anyone else use my points to redeem a reward? These values are for guidance only and they might vary depending on the amount of tea brewed in the tea bag, country of origin of the teas, and steep time. A robust blend of the finest Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas produces a rich, revitalising cup of tea. Privacy Policy. No. Afterward, ethyl acetate is removed, and the leaves dried. The cookies allow us to administer our website, analyse our traffic and use them for advertising purposes. Black tea is one of the six main types of tea. Herbal and fruit ‘teas’ (more correctly known as ‘infusions’) do not contain the Camellia Sinensis plant. If you require an immediate solution, please consider purchasing our Organics line, Wellness products or our 100-count items, which are not packaged in cellophane. What if I forgot the password to my account? By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. Reward codes are issued to members in increments 10,000 points and up to 30,000 points and can be redeemed by clicking on the red "Rewards" button at the bottom left of the page. Skin care. From when the partnership launched in 2004 it has helped more than 650,000 children. For every $1 spent when you purchase Twinings tea, gifts or accessories online at you will receive 100 Reward Points. Unlike other loyalty programs, you may redeem these at your own convenience. Oolong: 35 mg/serving. Lady Grey Tea Side Effects. Rooibos from the Cederberg and Olifantsrivier mountains of South Africa’s Western Cape is delicious in its own right.

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