About the author: Michelle Deery is a content writer for Wishpond, specializing in eCommerce and SaaS. But by doing what they did, Starbucks made it a brighter place for some. Because they know that their audience will love it. But if you sell a service, personalizing data at the end of the year and making it visual and shareable can be a smart way to raise brand awareness while in turn boosting sales. "Share this story, sign this petition, recognize that this is happening and be part of the chorus of voices demanding change.". Filed Under: Campaigns, Social media, Uncategorized, Video Tagged With: cause campaigns, nonprofit campaigns, nonprofit online campaigns, social media campaigns, top nonprofit campaigns. Secondly, what Coors Light was doing was running a giveaway. ", "I appreciate all the help and guidance you’ve provided to us. Billie: Fighting Sexism in Shaving. They offer informed dialogue with constituencies and bring a deep personal commitment to the work they promote. Procter & Gamble is the huge corporation behind many household brands, from Pampers and Gillette to Head & Shoulders and Tide. ", "Ripple publicized the 20th and 25th anniversaries of the Bhopal chemical disaster, which both received massive amounts of national and international media attention. In a world where customers are increasingly selective about which brands they shop with, this is really important for future sales. Coordinator / International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, Executive Director / Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, Chairman of the Board / Citizens For Health, International Director / Clean Production Action, Breathe 11:11 - An Experiment in Spiritual Activism, Leesa - Business as a Force for Social Good, Fast Company - 10 Ways Purposeful Business Will Evolve in 2020, When Random Acts of Kindness Aren’t So Random: 3 Tips on Connecting Your Brand to a Movement, Entrepreneur Magazine - 5 Tips for Marketing to Conscious Consumers, Stanford Social Innovation Review - Making Nonprofit-Corporate Alliances Work, Media Bistro - Solutions Media: How to Turn Bad News into Social Good. Let us know in the comments! We provide thousands of free tutorials, articles and resources for the social good community. Everyone from your great aunt to your favorite actor to politicians jumped on the bandwagon and doused themselves with ice-cold water all in the name of charity. If you want to raise more awareness of your brand and make sales by showing people exactly how they’ll benefit from using your service, this is exactly how to do it. It was an assertive move that, though it provoked a storm of controversy among some sectors of society, reaffirmed their values. #IceBucketChallenge raised record-breaking funds for the ALSA ($115 million since July 29) thanks to the grassroots awareness campaign which went viral, proving that a bucket of ice water has the means to warm people's hearts and loosen their purse strings. We are so grateful for the amazing work! "At a time when media coverage focuses mostly on conflict and violence, Ripple used their contacts effectively to help IFP spread its positive message about linking higher education and social change. In the video, people in dire, life-threatening situations, such as having no access to clean water, repeat common “first world problems.” It highlighted the privilege of the hashtag users and the power to use social media to do true good. The power of social media is hard to dismiss. 4This campaign shows the power of social media for spreading awareness of important issues, rather than just for increasing donations. As long the campaign is relevant to your audience, you can do great things. It explained how even if you only smoke at parties, you are still supporting companies that profit off fueling illness and addiction. Social Fresh has a strong focus on the future of social marketing including future trends and inspiration for fresh social campaigns.

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