Healthy Gums; The root cause of gum problems is a deficiency of vitamin-C and microbial growth. Disclaimer, e-mail: [email protected] With Mosambi’s, you can expect timely bowel movement and the proper regulation of your health. You can drink it down in the form of juice or simply scrub the pulp all over your skin for five minutes. Sweet lime has flavonoids which help in improving digestion. It’s also pretty rich in folic acid which plays a part in assisting bone and joint health. All rights reserved. Add 1 tsp honey. For mouth Ulcers And Bad Breath: Gargle along with warm water and drink a combination of mosambi juice along with warm water. Amazing Health Benefits of Sweet lime (Mosambi Benefits), Radish benefits for skin,hair and health benefits of radish, Home remedies for itchy scalp due to hair fungus, 10 Tips for purchasing and storing whole grain foods. NDTV Food  |  Updated: April 24, 2018 12:33 IST, 15 Amazing Mosambi Juice (Sweet Lime) Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health, Mosambi (sweet lime) juice is a rich source of vitamin C, To reap the benefits, consume freshly squeezed mosambi juice with pulp, Here are 15 reasons you need to drink mosambi juice daily. They are the best fruits you could use for this purpose. Your skin is the most important segment of your body. 10 Boosts hair and skin health: Mosambi is quite popular in the cosmetic industry as well. Its high vitamin C content makes it an immune boosting food that keeps you away from common cold and flu. These are healthy citrus fruits which are very low in calories. They make the hair soft, smooth, manageable and much less itchy. 7. Love Wrist Watches? It also offers a good amount of potassium that helps relieving diarrhea. For more such stories, stay tuned! Go guavas – 10 reasons to eat this fruit! Sweet lime has limonoids which help in fighting different types of cancer. Since it hydrates your skin, you can expect this to work well especially during the months of winter. Because it hydrates the skin, you may expect this to be effective particularly throughout the months of winter. The oil extracts of mosambi have got anti-congestive qualities that clean and keep numerous respiratory problems away. Check out the sweet lime nutrition facts of one serving of juice (3.5 fl.Oz): Here we enlisted 17 amazing Mosambi fruit benefits for skin, hair and health. An incredible method to deal with dandruff and also split ends is to apply Mosambis. If you are looking for natural ways to lose weight then drinking mosambi juice will help. This Sweet Potato Tikki For Weight Loss Is A Sin You Can Commit, Wi... Mosambi is believed to be a great treatment for jaundice. It will help to maintain normal cholesterol level, blood pressure level as well as weight loss in case a glass of little warm water is taken along with mosambi juice and honey. Before making an effective list, you have to remember to keep Mosambi in your mind. Pregnant women are usually confused with regards to making food choices. Sweet lime or mosambi is a popular tropical fruit, available in all seasons. Because of its germ killing as well as anti-bacterial qualities, beauty therapies frequently use lime extracts for the hair and also the skin. Also Read - Black raisins: Just a handful every day will keep the doctor away this winter 1. Mosambi has lots of potassium which helps to cure any infections in the urinary bladder. Boosts immunity: Mosambi belongs to the citrus family. 4. Mosambi has certain compounds called Limonoids which are known to ward many deadly Cancers and also kill the tumour cells. 3. About 100 gm of mosambi contains 50 mg of vitamin C, which amounts for 60% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. 7. Vitamin C prevents cold and improves immunity. Mosambi fruits are small green citrus fruit of round oval shape, which turns yellow when ripe as with most fruits. Who else loves mosambi or sweet lime juice? Also Read - Black raisins: Just a handful every day will keep the doctor away this winter. How much Mosambi/Sweet Lime Juice to Drink a Day. Black raisins: Just a handful every day will keep the doctor away this winter. Apply all over your face and let it stay for twenty minutes. They’re ideal for a healthy pregnancy and also consist of calcium that is quite definitely essential for the growing of foetus. Mosambi juice will help with deal with split ends and also dandruff. Add it to your fruit salad or drink it down like a juice. For Pimples: Use ground peel of mosambi on the face. Sweet lime being slightly acidic in nature makes the intestinal environment alkaline in nature, thereby reducing gastric acidity. All weight watchers who would like to get into shape ought to include this particular fruit within their daily diet plan. Cystitis is actually an inflammation of the urinary bladder, also referred to as urinary tract infection (UTI). A great way to prevent urinary disorder is by consuming Mosambi’s on a daily basis. 2. Mix a spoon of honey in mosambi juice and warm water. Ground mosambi peel can be handy in your face to eliminate pimples. All that you should do for this is consume Mosambi juice on a regular basis. Dandruff and split ends are treated by using mosambi. May help in weight loss: All weight watchers who want to get into shape should include this fruit in their daily diet plan. Rather than turning to face washes and beauty products, you may use mosambi like a remedy to clear all of the impurities from the skin. Mosambi is somewhat similar to lemon in appearance, but it has a sweeter taste similar to orange. Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables contain varying amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin C as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoid, phytochemical that health- is promoting. Prevent purchasing bruised, wrinkled, spotted skinned as well as too soft mosambi from the market. -Apply mosambi juice in your lips 3-4 times each day to lower darkness as well as cracks. This mix ought to be used on the affected gums for the immediate rest from bleeding gums. Vitamin C works well for neutralizing the free radicals within the body. 8 reasons why you should start eating pomegranates, 10 reasons to eat an apple every day! If you’re one of those who have got dark, dull and dry lips, you really need to hydrate them to help make them soft supple and pink.

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