But correct magazine insertion and a positive "click" as the magazine locks home does not guarantee reliable feeding. This gun used the same projectiles as Although less powerful than the other scopes, the Leupold's sharp, clear optics were second to none. The stock, made of polymer, can fold over the side of the receiver for an even more compact fitting. The magazine system also worked correctly, unlike the Marlin's. Self regulating means no gas setting and the ability to run a wide range of ammo. Here are the basic specifications for the Ruger 77/17VMBBZ: The 77/17VMBBZ is a deluxe rifle. They all had a front focusing adjustable objective (AO) to eliminate parallax, and the range figures seemed accurate as marked. There is no separate bolt release. Its positive features would ordinarily make the Marlin the top gun for "value" in this review. This is a relatively minor complaint, but it was noted by three of our reviewers. Used a CCI, Remington, and Federal began providing .17 HMR ammunition, also loaded with 17 grain varmint bullets, and the sales of both rifles and ammunition took off. The FN SCAR® is serving on the front lines with America’s warfighters in the defense of freedom. (15.7 kg) NC 34.0 lbs. All rights reserved. Every component of the FN SCAR® Family is readily adaptable to future upgrades and enhanced ammunition designs. Here are the basic specifications of the Savage 93R17BVSS: This rifle is a bargain. Unlike the Mark 16, the Mark 17 was designed for bag ammunition. (2.6 kg) Explosive D, 34.5 lbs. Remember that the Bushnell Banner is the least expensive scope used in this comparison by a considerable margin. Brief comments about each scope follow. One Marlin rifle ("Marlin A") was equipped with a Simmons AETEC 3.8-12x44mm AO scope in high Millet scope rings that clamp directly to the tip-off scope mount grooves in the Marlin's receiver. Naturally, we needed rifles from all three manufacturers, and scopes to go on them. Overall the Marlin is not quite as refined as the larger Ruger 77/17, but it is a little more refined than the Savage 93R17-BVSS. Hornady manufactures these bullets for Remington. This eliminates the possibility of damage to the trigger mechanism by having it also serve as the bolt stop. In short, all four scopes did what they were supposed to do without any problems or malfunctions. Never the less, it served adequately on the Marlin .17 HMR rifle. Unfortunately, the rather short, straight bolt handle is perilously close to the ocular bell of a high powered scope when operated, leaving insufficient room for fingers--particularly gloved fingers in cold weather. And the black plastic butt plate is not as nice as the rubber butt pads supplied on the Marlin and Ruger rifles. Both companies cooperated fully and have our heartfelt thanks for their assistance in this project. Unfortunately, its magazine problems held it back. The .17 HMR is based on the .22 Magnum case necked-down to accept .172" diameter bullets. It did not make much difference shooting from a Caldwell Lead Sled on a bench rest at the rifle range, but in the field this superior trigger (and the action's ultra-fast lock time) would enhance the rifle's practical accuracy. Despite all of these precautions, on occasion the tip of a cartridge will not clear the forward lip of the magazine, jamming the rifle. 03 August 2020 - Minor changes, Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions. Fax: 703-288-4507, This Website uses tracking mechanisms as further described in our. However, in the "value" category, where the reality of its higher price is considered, the Ruger got one first place vote, three second place votes, and two third place vote. She is a selective fire weapon system with three available free-floating barrel lengths and are chambered to fire the 5.56x45mm NATO standard cartridge from a curved STANAG 30-round M16-style magazine. I requested from Savage Arms the consignment of a 93R17-BVSS test rifle (purchased by Technical Assistant Nathan Rauzon after the review was completed), and from Sturm, Ruger the consignment of a 77/17VMBBZ test rifle. The results of all of this shooting, which amounted to a minimum of 80 rounds for record from each rifle and in some cases more, are detailed below. The body of the magazine is made of very tough glass filled nylon. Stock - Grey/black laminate, cut checkering, black plastic butt plate. For "value" it was the first choice of two reviewers, the second choice of three others, and the third choice of one reviewer. When one notices the details, the Marlin's higher price (compared to the Savage) appears to be justified. The Ruger definitely has the best lines, fit and finish. This premium scope includes Leupold's Multi-Coat 4 fully multi-coated optics, 1/4 MOA coin adjustments, fine Duplex reticle, locking fast focus eyepiece, and a matte black finish. (The lone dissenter put it second to the Marlin due to the Marlin's superior intrinsic accuracy.) SWORD International ensures each Mk-17 weapon system is tested at 100 yards using match-grade ammunition. Browning has developed a reputation for building top of the line, quality … The Marlin 917VS is a good looking, nicely put together varmint rifle. The two-position safety is positive and works well. Couple this with the SCAR's innovative short-strike, gas-operation and the automatic rifle is one of the more advanced and adaptable operational rifles in the world. The LB has been earmarked to replace 7.62mmx51mm sniper rifles used by SOCOM such as the, Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) operator. The SCAR 16 CQC features a stubby barrel system capped by the flash suppressor while the SCAR 16 LB sports the longest barrel length of the three. Couple this with the SCAR's innovative short-strike, gas-operation and the automatic rifle is one of the more advanced and adaptable operational rifles in the world. Field curvature at the edge seemed well controlled and the aiming area of the crosshair is a bit finer than the AETEC's. In an attempt to eliminate as much human error as possible, the rifles were fired from the range's heavy shooting benches using Caldwell lead Sled rifle rests. Everyone praised this scope's optical quality. All three models are at the top of their respective manufacturer's rimfire hunting rifle line. Ultimately five other Guns and Shooting Online staffers became involved in the analysis and testing of these rifles and ammunition. in the Hornady factory load. Due to the Savage barrel's lack of taper, high Weaver rings were required to give adequate clearance for the scope's adjustable objective. It works well, it's accurate and, due to its shorter length and lighter weight, it is more versatile than its Marlin and Ruger competition. The Banner was mounted directly to the rifle's tip off mount grooves by means of high Millet rings. Magazine capacity - 9 rounds (detachable rotary magazine). The Fabrique Nationale FN SCAR (Special forces Combat Assault Rifle) will feature prominently in the future of the United States Army. The Ruger's smooth, round bolt knob (my favorite kind) is positioned perfectly, directly over the trigger finger. All of the scopes used in this comparison worked fine. I later bought an O’Brien rifle in .17 Mach IV, and after shooting it for about 10 years, I sold it to a collector. The Ruger 77/17VMBBZ is by far the most expensive of our test rifles. First of all, these are probably the arms North American varmint hunters seeking a .17 HMR rifle are most likely to consider. I mounted this scope on the Savage rifle, as it perfectly complemented that rifle's smaller size and weight. They are just our personal opinions. These rifles needed scopes, of course. These complaints were common to both of our Marlin test rifles, and all three of the magazines we had at our disposal. Right side views of the Fabrique Nationale FN SCAR-16 and SCAR-17 Standard automatic rifles, Authored By: Staff Writer | Last Edited: | Proudly made in the USA, Multi-Mission Tandem/Airdrop Barrel System. This detachable magazine fits flush with the bottom of the stock for a sleek appearance. There is a full review of the Ruger 77/17VMBBZ on the G&S Online Product Review Page. Feeding is slick and trouble free. The Savage Arms 93R17-BVSS is based on a bolt action with a tubular receiver. Even when locked in place, the magazine is so loose in the magazine well that often the shooter must use his off hand to press upward on the bottom of the magazine. An initial contract valued at $634,390 was awarded to the Belgium firearms firm of Fabrique Nationale on November 4th, 2004, with manufacturing to be handled by FN Herstal USA of Columbia, South Carolina.

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