You’re NOT an impatient wench. i had meant to say that i prefer not using anything that is processed, or comes in a jar or can, etc. I think plain supermarket canned black olives are the blandest, so you might try those! So happy to hear it pleased Fuhrmanites and conventional eaters alike! Delish! You can pulse them up super-tiny, practically puree them, even. But the version we could possible make with this sauce might just be awesome! Let me know how it goes! :-), That is FANTASTIC, Melanie! Thank you!! We both took it for lunch on Monday. Berry-Pomegranate Cookie Bites (raw, vegan, sugar-free),, Life Update and Healthy Vegan Friday Recipes, ), a cookbook of “colourful, interesting, practical and inspiring” recipes (if it wouldn’t be an official EtL thing, I’d likely make them low in, though not necessarily all free of, salt/oil/sugar) could definitely be up my sleeve somewhere! This sounds amazingly delicious. I can’t wait to make it! Soy-Free Variation: Replace the tempeh with 1 (15-oz.) Transfer to the pot, stir, and put the lid back on. Happy to hear it, Kate. Greeting from across the ocean, and keep up the amazing work!! I hope Vic likes this – I’m sure YOU will! . . I’ve still got some stashed in the freezer, babe! i was wondering if there was a way to make the tomato paste from scratch or sub something else in? And yah, you need to take time off!!!! I luff science. Here are 5 basic things I look for when evaluating whether a pasta sauce … We had it tonight with noodles for the non Fuhrmanites and spaghetti squash for those of us who eat a little healthier. You are a far more diligent nutritarian than I am, but I like that you’re not “perfect” either. Transfer to the pot, stir, and put the lid back on. Now, where I depart from the good doctor is that I do eat sugar, oil, and salt, all of which are forbidden on his plan. Most Nutritarian-Friendly – Eat to Live Bolognese Sauce from Chef Amber Shea: […]. Thanks Amber!! Ps. I personally feel like they can fit into a healthy diet in moderation. S.P. . I will testify in a court of my peers that this sauce is GrrrrrRRRREAT! I could not find a 15 oz can of olives. Just add some healthy pasta sauce and drizzle it with some olive oil for added healthy fat! But in the meantime – what are some of your gf’s favorite desserts/flavors? . I had some of this yummy spaghetti sauce in the freezer, so we thawed it, warmed it up and served it over steamed broccoli! There is ONE more book I want to write in the ‘Practically Raw’ series, but after two raw books, I already feel like I’m getting pigeonholed as “a raw chef,” and I want to avoid that…so maybe I need to break away and write a non-raw book, then return to the raw stuff? The texture looks perfect. Believe me, my husband Matt hates olives so much he almost gets sick at the sight of them – for example, he won’t eat a scoop of hummus if there was an olive on top, even after the olive is removed! This recipe has tomatoes in it but tomatoes are on the “do not eat” list for autoimmune disease? It’s delicious and makes a HUGE batch! So I only used the stems in this recipe, but you can certainly feel free to use the whole head. Thank you for sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays. Oh, well. I dunno, it’s just never felt like a happy thing when I’m eating so restrictively, plus I love potatoes waaaaay too much. x, Oh Amber. , Wow, you’re on it! Just taste it to see if it needs it. I totally agree with you. Thank you so much, Nikki! But, how do you decide which pasta sauce is the healthiest when it comes to all the jars of tomato based sauces? A million thanks for creating such an awesome pasta sauce. My husband and I decided to switch to an almost raw food diet and just ordered your book. And I’m thinking this would be AWESOME over roasted cauliflower. Being psychologically healthy and happy definitely plays a part in the healthfulness of a given diet, I think. Perhaps my email didn’t reach you (?). It was simply amazing! Make the recipes colourful, interesting, practical and inspiring – you’d be great for the job. Dash for the Spike or use sea salt to taste.). Ok, well, good to know (sheew!). - One thing I do NOT recommend omitting from this recipe is the can of olives. And it would be huge! Oh one other question..should I use the S-blade on my food processor to chop veggies or another blade? , Good to know! I can empathize with your difficulty in cutting out sugar, salt and oil. For more pasta tips, download my free Pasta Diet ebook . Funny, I saw Joel on Dr. OZ a few weeks ago and Im not overly familiar with his approach but I had the impression it was vegan… well on the show there was NO mention that he advocates a plant based /non animal food diet, which was probably done on purpose by the show.

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