In reality, there are many bitter components in this recipe. Unless you commit to that, you’ll never be able to produce a great Margarita. If you’ve only had blended margaritas, this recipe is a great opportunity to try it on the rocks. On the surface, most people would say there is nothing bitter about a Margarita. In the meantime, put all of the salt in a shallow bowl or rimmed plate. Strain into a salt-rimmed stemware glass. The reality is, most people have adapted to a sweeter drink and the classic Margarita recipe can be a bit tart. any one of these wonderful Mexican dishes. Grapefruit juice is a relatively common ingredient in cocktails, with the perennial favourite being the Greyhound, but the Paloma is better. This margarita pitcher recipe is ready to go! Freshly squeezed lime juice is a must, period, end of story. Finally, tequila can be bitter to many people, partially because of the natural plant materials used in its production, plus alcohol is perceived as bitter by many people (super-taster and some normal tasters). Assuming the salt is kept under control, the classic Margarita recipe weighs in at a mere 196 calories. The simplest example is the balance of sweet and sour. The basic recipe mingles three ingredients, plus salt and ice. There is nothing wrong with it and on the surface, it probably does compliment the flavours of tequila but it is expensive and other than the agave connection doesn’t add much to the cocktail. The Margarita is about balance, and should not taste like a “salt lick” found on a farm. Since it’s such a well-known and simple cocktail you’d think getting a decent one would be easy. The Margarita is a modification of the Sidecar, which is a variation of the Daisy. For a purist, no, but chances of having one of them sitting at your bar are slim unless you work in a bar that serves cocktail luminaries. The vanilla salt rim, even though none traditional, is a great way to increase perceived sweetness. Frozen Christmas drinks might sound like a weird idea, but it makes sense if you think about it. Koshering salt works fine but is almost the same as common table salt, just larger grain. Gary Regan (Joy of Mixology) recommends a 3:2:1 formula, which is easy to remember and tastes good. Learn about all different kinds of sugars here. I find it works better with the lime’s tartness and gives a smoothness to the Margarita. You can adjust the sweetness to fit your tastes. It also doesn’t have to be an expensive tequila, just a decent quality one, without harshness. Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake 15 times to chill well. Using high quality triple sec (such as cointreau) will make it alot better. Exploring the World One Drink at a Time Since 2005. This means that even though you may really like a Margarita that cockles your face, statistically most people do not. This means the recipe/formula is the basis for many other cocktails. If you are a practising bartender, your primary function is always sales, the secondary is cocktail conversion. Try These Other Takes on the Classic Drink. Then, gently run a lime wedge around the rim of 4 margarita glasses and dip each rim in a shallow plate of margarita salt. This simplicity makes tweaking for personal tastes easy. One of the crown jewels in the cocktail world is the Margarita. tequila’s in my Margarita’s, but I’m not against a Reposado or Anejo; it’s just my personal preference. This is a basic margarita recipe and is very good. While writing this post, I used Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila, which has been sitting on my desk waiting for a purpose. The Margarita recipe is one of the easier cocktail recipes, and can be considered a “base cocktail”. The Margarita is a modification of the Sidecar, which is a variation of the Daisy. Put ice in glasses and pour the drink mix over. Be sure to stir the mixture gently before serving. Stick to a clear triple sec style liqueur or Curacao. You get to taste your quality ingredients instead of mostly ice. The interesting thing about this simple recipe is how the taste components interact with one another. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, 2 cups tequila (Make sure to get something smooth and delicious. Hear us out: There’s no way store-bought mix tastes better than freshly squeezed juice and high-quality tequila! You can find pure fructose at most health food stores.

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