Anticipation – Anticipation is used to let the audience know that a major action … This is when a character prepares for an. Taken to an extreme, a figure stretched or squashed to an exaggerated degree can have a comical effect. Do you swing … more realistic. What’s the first thing you do? It’s often easy to forget it in our work as we can concentrate on making nice poses, timing, smooth motion, etc…but without it our animation can end up looking robotic. The 12 Principles of Animation as Illustrated through Disney and Disney Pixar Films 1. action to give the audience a clue as to what is happening next as well as to make the action appear. Follow-through. Let’s get started! Solid Drawing. In realistic animation, however, the most important aspect of this principle is that an object's volume does not change when squashed or stretched. 12 Principles of Animation History of the 12 Principles of Animation. This video is based on the Twelve. Anticipation. Principles of Animation, as described by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston Alright the 2nd principle of animation. Anticipation is a little workhorse of the 12 Basic Principles of Animation. Exaggeration. Squash and Stretch. Anticipation. is called Anticipation. If the length of a ball is stretched vertical… Pose to pose/Straight Ahead. 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube The purpose of squash and stretchis to give a sense of weight and flexibility to drawn objects. Squash and Stretch – The squash and stretch principle gives the illusion of weight and volume to a character as they... 2. It can be applied to simple objects, like a bouncing ball, or more complex constructions, like the musculature of a human face. Imagine you’re about to kick a soccer ball. Secondary Action. Slow in/Slow Out.

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